in theory and practice


  • Below is not just a theory regarding adoption from Ukraine. It is an adoption theory combined with adoption practice and reality


  • Here we are giving you practical advices that can help you save your leg and arm and avoid failures in your adoption way


The first and most important fact that you should know in the very beginning of your adoption journey is that being adequately prepared for adoption is the key to success in your adoption process.


Most of adoption failures occur because of wrong expectations concerning adoption process.


Unfortunately, there are many entities (these are mostly Ukrainian independent adoption facilitators and groups) that prefer to embellish adoption opportunities in Ukraine to attract as many clients as possible. When such beguiled families come to Ukraine and encounter actual adoption reality, they usually get lost and pretty often quit.


Therefore it is worth noting that using trustworthy source of information in the very beginning of your adoption undertaking is of vital importance for your adoption success.

It is of crucial importance to be informationally, emotionally and financially prepared for adoption.


Both Agency and Independent adoptions are allowed in Ukraine.

Please, note that legislation of USA obliges prospective adopters to work only with accredited agencies to get a home study completed to adopt from Ukraine and/or  get post placement services. This does not mean that a prospective adoptive family cannot choose to work with an independent adoption facilitator they want in Ukraine.


The theory is that independent adoption gives you an opportunity to save on enormous agency fees while adopting through an agency costs more but it deprives you of most of the worries and gives you more confidence in your desired result.

In Ukraine adoption reality it can be both right and wrong because of the fact that Ukrainian law does not allow agencies to have any control over adoption process in Ukraine at all. Once you touch Ukrainian soil, no agency can influence your adoption process in Ukraine and you can rely only on your Ukrainian adoption facilitator.

So in this respect it is financially advisable to hire Ukrainian adoption facilitator directly to get the same services for less.


At the same time when adopting independently, one incurs risk of entrusting facilitation of their adoption process to incompetent and/or dishonest adoption facilitators who can pump out thousands of dollars feeding adopters with false promises.

In this respect reputable adoption agencies prefer to choose to work with proven and reliable facilitators who are experienced enough and possess proper moral and ethical qualities just like a profound knowledge of Ukrainian adoption law. Also usually all financial aspects of future adoption are agreed upon between prospective adopters and agencies. And adoption facilitators in Ukraine just abide by these agreements. But in case of adopting through an agency, you should be prepared to pay more or even far more than for independent adoption.


But neither adoption agencies nor any other entities including independent adoption facilitators in Ukraine can implement selection of a child/children a family wants to adopt from Ukraine.

Only approved prospective adoptive families can get an access to profiles of kids available for international adoption. It happens after a family gets their adoption dossier approved and comes to Ukraine for the interview with the Department of Family and Children (the DFC), central adoption authority of Ukraine. Only during an interview with the DFC an adoptive family can see and choose profiles of kids available for adoption.   

Since no one has an access to the database of children available for international adoption in Ukraine except for authorized officers of the DFC, no one can make any guarantees regarding availability of children of any age at any time in Ukraine.


Who can adopt from Ukraine:

Families from both Hague and Non-Hague countries can adoption from Ukraine.


Marriage status: only married couples of opposite genders can adopt from Ukraine.

Adoption by one of spouses is also allowed in Ukraine provided that non-adopting spouse has given his/her spouse a notarized consent to adopt a child/children from Ukraine.

Adoption by singles is allowed only in case when they adopt their relatives from Ukraine.


Age requirements: married couple who are over 21 years of age. Minimum age difference between prospective adoptive parents and an orphan/s they want to adopt cannot be less than 15 years.


Health condition of prospective adopters: no communicable diseases, no mental disorders or any other diseases that can prevent prospective adopters from bringing up adopted child/children properly


Requirements to criminal and parenting history of prospective adopters: no criminal records relating to murdering/drug rafficking or any other grave violations of the law, no history of child abuse, deprivation of parental rights etc.


Who can be adopted in Ukraine

Age: children from 16 months to 18 years of age.


Please, note that adoption of children under 5 years of age is permitted in cases when

  • a child has older siblings who are adopted with them into a same family;
  • a child has any of the diseases listed in the list of diseases approved by the Ministry of Health Protection of Ukraine (see the list here);
  • a child is a relative of prospective adopters;
  • a child is a sibling of a child/children applicants adopted before


Health condition: both healthy and children with different health conditions including special needs children are available for international adoption.

In fact most of the children have some health conditions: some of them can be correctable and some of them non-correctable. Almost all the children staying in orphanages have a typical diagnose of ‘Speech and psychological development delay’ due to the lack of individual attention and care, lack of vitamins and nutrients that promote physical and psychological development of a child.

Orphanage children also look younger than their peers from normal families in most cases.

Learn more about this in older child adoption in Ukraine

At the same time heath condition indicated in medical papers may not necessarily square with actual state of health of a child. It happens pretty often that diagnoses of children are exaggerated for the purpose of attraction of additional state subsidy. That is why in cases when there are doubts concerning any indicated diagnosis, a prospective adoptive family can resort to independent medical examination of child/ren they want to adopt.


Availability of children for adoption in Ukraine

The other fact of current Ukraine adoption reality is that at present there are more kids who are over 5 years of age than those who are under 5 available for international adoption in Ukraine.


Also majority of younger kids have different health conditions while there are more healthy kids or kids with mild/correctable conditions in age category of 7-8 years and above.  

So adoption of kids under 7-8 years of age is possible but it may be more difficult in terms of time to adopt a healthy child/ren of this age category rather than healthy children of older ages. 

Adoption of single children under 7-8 years of age may also be not easy as most of children have siblings that are inseparable in most cases.


Also it is worth pointing out that situation regarding availability of children is rather fluid. The database of children available for international adoption is being replenished with new kids everyday as well as kids get adopted or go to foster families everyday leaving the database.

So if a prospective adoptive family fails to choose children during their first interview with the DFC, they can apply for the second one and the third one, if necessary. Please, find more information on that in Description of Ukraine adoption process


Currently Ukraine is a good country for those families who are open to adopt sibling group with minor/correctable conditions or healthy from 16 months to 12 (or older) years of age. Such adoption criteria give you a great deal of flexibility and good chances of adoption success.


Also Ukrainian law gives all possible procedural privileges like accepting documents out of turn, expedited processing and issuance of documents to any prospective adoptive families applying for adoption of special need children who have any of the diseases included in the list of diseases approved by the Ministry of Health Protection of Ukraine. You can find the list of diseases and learn more about special needs adoption in Ukraine. 


Duration of adoption in Ukraine

Duration of adoption process in Ukraine depends on multiple factors like adoption criteria of prospective adopters, region of adoption, number of official holidays during time when an adoption takes place and so on.


On the average, adoption process lasts for about 45-60 days which can be completed in one trip or be broken into two or more trips depending on families’ choice.


What is an adoption facilitator and why do you need an adoption facilitator in Ukraine?

Adoption facilitator is a professional who makes a process of adoption easier, faster and emotionally smoother for prospective adoptive parents.


International adoption is not a simple undertaking from the point of view of legal aspect and it requires an adoption facilitator to have a profound knowledge of Ukrainian legislation and bureaucracy, extensive adoption experience and proper moral qualities along with a big professional network in Ukraine and abroad.

Only a combination all of these attributes can enable an adoption professional to outmaneuver in Ukraine adoption reality and make the process as short and smooth as possible which eventually saves your time and money.


In fact adoption facilitation is not a subject to licensing in Ukraine therefore you can encounter numerous natural persons and entities without proper competence and qualification offering their facilitation services in Ukraine. Even though some of them may have some experience in adoption or even work with some agencies (which does not necessarily imply a professionalism and competence of an adoption facilitator), they may be unprepared to deal with such cases as intervention of children’s birth parents in your adoption process or appealing your court decree by third parties, or necessity to go to some other country to receive a new birth certificate for a child you are adopting which happens when a child was born in a country other than Ukraine and poses a complex international legal case. Any of such cases may arise during an adoption process and they may drive your adoption in a blind alley or cost you a fortune in terms of both time and money, if your adoption has been entrusted to an incompetent adoption facilitator.


In fact high level of competence, professionalism and care of your adoption facilitator can reduce your adoption costs substantially saving your time and money in both country of your residence and Ukraine. It is applicable in cases of both: independent and agency adoption.


The other things you should pay attention to are fees of an adoption facilitator and terms of a contract. Some entities prefer to offer seductively low fees for their services hiding or hushing down major expenses of the process.


Things that can help you save a lot when adopting in Ukraine:


  •  Reasonable fees for competent assistance in dossier preparation and adoption services in Ukraine


  • Clear and unequivocal terms of a contract for services


  • Care of your adoption facilitator to find the best-priced options for accommodation and transportation for you in Ukraine 


These are the attributes that we have been caring about since 1999.


You can learn more about why prospective adopters choose us, our services and fees.