Professing supremacy of family values, Didilia’s range of services would be incomplete without program of surrogacy in Ukraine as Ukraine is very surrogacy-friendly country!


Both altruistic and commercial surrogacy are legal in Ukraine. While altruistic surrogacy is mostly practiced within a circle of relatives/close friends and is not common in general practice, we will talk only about commercial surrogacy in Ukraine.


About commercial surrogacy in Ukraine with Didilia.


Do you know that dozens of foreign citizens come to Ukraine for surrogacy/IVF treatment every month?


There are primarily 4 big reasons for that:


  • Favorable surrogacy laws of Ukraine


  • High quality and affordability of IVF treatment in Ukraine


  • Affordable cost of surrogate mothers' services in Ukraine


  • Beautiful and healthy Caucasian sperm / egg donors in Ukraine


All of these lay a wonderful ground for most people to realize their most sacred dream in Ukraine.


But surrogacy in Ukraine has its own peculiarities.


Have you heard anything about them?


How much do you know about surrogate motherhood in Ukraine?


Are you sure that whatever you know about it is veridical and squares with the reality?


Not sure?


- This is what causes major losses and frustrations.

This is what caused failures of the French and German intended parents to take their children home from Ukraine in 2011 and 2012. The families fell victims to wrong expectations and negligent service they had chosen.


  • As one-time intended parents and surrogacy professionals at present, we address the aspect of international surrogacy with special care, strong philosophy and great responsibility.


  • Didilia is sharing its professional insight into complicated aspects of international surrogacy. We are showing byways and discovering pitfalls for any foreign families considering international surrogacy in Ukraine.


  • You can be assured that any piece of information contained on this website can help you make right choice and succeed at your surrogacy undertaking.



What we do and what we do not


  • We put the program of surrogacy in Ukraine in 7 simple steps


Before you learn about these steps, you should know that there are two types of surrogacy: traditional and gestational surrogacy.


A woman’s carrying and giving a birth to a child/children conceived by intended parents or one of them using a donor’s egg/sperm is called gestational surrogacy. In this case a woman, who is called gestational surrogate, does not have any genetic relation to a child/children she bears. Ukrainian legislation unequivocally recognizes intended parents to be legal parents to a child/children born by gestational surrogate.


A woman’s carrying and giving a birth to a child/children conceived by her and intended father or using a donor’s sperm is called traditional surrogacy. In this case a woman, traditional surrogate, is genetically related to a child/children she bears.


In spite of the fact that our database of surrogate mothers contains women who are willing to be traditional surrogates, we are not rendering any legal services relating to traditional surrogacy in Ukraine as traditional surrogates are considered to be legal mothers to children they bear according to Ukrainian legislation. Any agreement obliging a traditional surrogate to relinquish her maternal rights to a child/children after birth is void under Ukrainian laws! Any intended parents should be aware of this not to get into trap.


At the same time we provide full range of services relating to gestational surrogacy in Ukraine, except for medical part. Our vast database of surrogate mothers, sperm and egg donors gives lots of opportunities to our clients in surrogacy program.


Learn more about our surrogacy services and our Exclusive donation program.


Who can chose surrogacy in Ukraine?

Program of surrogate motherhood in Ukraine is available for any adult heterosexual married couples.


Surrogacy is prohibited for any homosexual couples and singles in Ukraine.


Nevertheless infertile lesbian couples and single women who can bear children can avail themselves of an IVF (in vitro fertilization) program with egg and/or sperm donation or choose to adopt an embryo in Ukraine. The same option is available for any heterosexual married couples.


Learn more about other requirements of Ukrainian legislation


The process of surrogacy in Ukraine

It may require from 1 to 3 trips to Ukraine to get a child through surrogacy in Ukraine.


  • The way we arrange the surrogacy program in Ukraine, relieves you of any worries letting you be concentrated just on the most important things: making choices and decisions


  • Due to our experience as intended parents and surrogacy professionals and profound understanding of complex process of international surrogacy, we make things simple and smooth.



We put the whole surrogacy process in 7 simple steps:


Learning about the program

Step 1. Learning about the program:

You get initial consultation and learn about the program, us and our services. Also we learn about you and your requirements to surrogate mothers and egg/sperm donors. We provide consultations via Skype or email at your convenience

Signing the contract with us: (approximate duration from 1 to 2 days)

Step 2. Signing the contract with us: (approximate duration from 1 to 5 days)

We sign a contract with you, get all the necessary documents including available results of your medical tests and exams from you required to start the program and start choosing 3 most suitable candidates for a surrogate for you from our database in this stage. We will also choose egg/sperm donors meeting your requirements, if sperm/egg donation is required. If there is anything that can be done via Skype, email or FedEx, we use any of them to exclude necessity of your arrival in Ukraine, expedite the process and save your time and money.

Choosing IVF clinic and a surrogate mother: (approximate duration from 1 to 3 weeks)

Step 3. Choosing IVF clinic and a surrogate mother: (approximate duration from 1 to 3 weeks)

In this stage we provide you with all necessary information on IVF clinics in Ukraine, their fees and services for you to make a choice of a clinic. Also we provide you with comprehensive information on 3 candidates for a surrogate who meet your requirements, including their background information, results of criminal history check, medical and obstetrical history, their living conditions, info on their children and family, their state of health. We arrange for a meeting with any candidate we offer for you to be able to make a final choice. Candidates for a surrogate mother are exposed to thorough medical and psychological screening prior to inclusion in our database. Any chosen candidate for a surrogate mother is additionally exposed to all necessary medical examinations prior to signing a contract with you to make sure that all results of their medical examinations are up to date. Our psychologist also evaluates your and candidate’s readiness for the program prior to signing a contract. After making a choice of a surrogate, you sign a contract with her.

Medical examinations and IVF procedures: (up to 2 months)

Step 4. Medical examinations and IVF procedures: (up to 2 months)

In this stage chosen IVF clinic will make examinations of parties involved into medical part of the program and tests necessary to start an in vitro fertilization procedure. They will carry out medical screening of your (intended parents’) materials or intended parent’s and donor’s materials used for IVF procedure in clinic. Contract is signed between you (intended parents) and IVF clinic in this stage. When everything is ready for in vitro fertilization, a surrogate mother and intended mother/egg donor start taking medications to get their periods synchronized and induce superovulation. After eggs are obtained they fertilize it with a sperm of intended father/donor to grow embryos. Then they transfer embryos into a surrogate’s uterus. Usually they start embryotransfer in a month or two after beginning of taking medicines. 

Supervision of pregnancy:

Step 5. Supervision of pregnancy:

After pregnancy is confirmed, a surrogate mother start paying regular visits to a clinic to get her pregnancy supervised by specialists. She stays in touch with intended parents and us on a regular basis throughout her pregnancy period, observing all recommendations of medical specialists. A surrogate mother receives any kind of necessary assistance, including psychological support from our psychologist during pregnancy term.

Child birth:

Step 6. Child birth:

All the necessary arrangements for delivery are made and a surrogate mother gives a birth to your child/children in this stage. You welcome your children and obtain their birth certificates indicating you as legal parents after birth. Along with birth certificates we will provide you with all the necessary documents to be submitted to a Consulate of your country in Ukraine.

Taking your children home:

Step 7. Taking your children home:

After processing documents a consulate issues passports for your children and you are all set to take your children home.

Please, note: it is of prior importance to make sure that legislation of your home country does not directly prohibit surrogacy before undertaking international surrogacy.

If it is not prohibited in your country, we will discuss and look into all legal opportunities for you to be able to take your children home before signing contract with us.

Our foreign partners specializing in immigration law will also be available to help you.

IVF stands for in vitro fertilization which is a method of infertility treatment that involves getting eggs from ovaries, fertilizing them with a sperm in a laboratory, growing embryo and transferring it into a woman’s uterus.

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According to Ukrainian legislation egg/sperm donors do not have any rights to children born in consequence of using their materials. Donors stay anonymous to recipients of their materials unless donors are relatives or acquaintances of recipients.

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