Home of family type is a form of foster care where orphans are brought up by a married couple.
Minimal number of orphans brought up in a home of family type (HFT) is 6.
Foster parents of HFT get monthly subsidy from Ukrainian government.

Unlike adoptive parents, foster care parents are temporary custodians of orphans who are staying in their families.
So children from HFT still retain a status of orphans or children deprived of parental care.

Why homes of family type are better than orphanages:


  • Children from HFT are more adapted to family life unlike children from orphanages
  • Children from HFT have no syndrome of institualization or may have a mild form of it depending on how long they lived in orphanages before
  • HFT children are more developed compared to their peers from orphanages as they get more of individual attention in HFT

Why homes of family type are not good for orphans:


  • When orphans who have been staying in HFT turn 18 years they have no right to live in HFT any more. They literally become “orphans” again and find themselves on a street with a right to get a couch in a hostel
  • It happens pretty often that Ukrainian foster parents take orphans in their families just to avail themselves of governmental allowance meant for orphans and do not care about upbringing and supporting their wards
  • It happens pretty often that foster parents are not duly qualified and prepared to foster big groups of orphans which sometimes leads to their wards’ coming back to orphanages or leaving for other foster families/HFT

Is it possible to adopt a child from a home of family type?

Only domestic adoptions of children from homes of family type are allowed by Ukrainian law.

As to international adoptions, they are possible for those orphans who do not stay in foster family/HFT anymore.

In practice it has happened that children from HFT were hosted by foreign families and upon arrival in Ukraine they decided that they wanted to live in families they had been hosted by. The children were placed back to an orphanage and got adopted by families that had hosted them.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about opportunities associated with homes of family type in Ukraine.

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