Adoption from Ukraine has the whole range of objective advantages compared to other countries:


  • Ukraine is picturesque and hospitable country where beautiful Caucasian people live


  • Families from both Hague and Non-Countries can adopt children from Ukraine


  • Independent adoptions are allowed in Ukraine


  • Low-cost adoption. No agency fee is charged when adopting independently


  • Flexibility of adoption: the process can be completed in one or two/more trips at adopters’ choice. Both parents do not have to stay in the county to finalize the process after court. It can be done by either parent


  • 45-60 days is an average duration of adoption process in Ukraine


  • Ukrainian law provides for expedited terms of official procedures for special-needs adoptions


The process of child adoption from Ukraine has its own peculiarities that you should be aware of.

Please, mind that only ample and veridical information can help you make a right decision and be adequately prepared for the process.

To find more detailed info on Ukraine adoption, please, read Information on adoption from Ukraine and Description of Ukraine adoption process

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