Our surrogacy experience was much better and encouraging then we had thought it would be before we meet Lev Chekhov and his team of Didilia. Indeed, we got more than just a child. We got a reason to live.

Didilia made the whole surrogacy process in Ukraine smooth and predictable.

Their legal assistance and approach gave a great deal of confidence and clarity to both us and a surrogate. So things went smoothly for all the parties.

We are thankful to Lev and his team for their competence and care. 

Patricia and Leng


Didilia did a great job for us.

We are an infertile couple who were looking for a surrogate and an egg donor. We found exactly what we had been looking for thanks to professionalism of Didilia and their big database of surrogates and egg donors.

Didilia’s exclusive donation program and special approach of Lev and his team more than just satisfied our needs.

We are now proud parents of two little beauties! 

Robert and Cathy


We know Lev through adoption. Back in 2001 he helped us adopt a boy from Odessa. We came back to Ukraine to become parents through surrogacy in ten years.

His professional panache and way of treating delicate matters did not change. Lev became as professional and competent in surrogacy as he is in international adoptions. We were pleased to deal with his surrogacy team that is very conformed and consolidated.

Lev has helped us become happy parents twice. We can hardly overestimate his role in our lives.

Tatiana and Brian 


Initially our family had been considering baby adoption and surrogacy was not something we were aimed at when we applied to Lev Chekhov and his ‘Didilia’ company.

Lev Chekhov was recommended to us as adoption professional well known among US adoptive parents. We learned about all the difficulties and restrictions of Ukrainian law associated with adopting a baby in Ukraine from Lev and decided to pursue surrogacy in Ukraine that looked rather affordable compared to surrogacy in US.

We hopped on the surrogacy rollercoaster and in 15 months our baby touched American soil.

Lev made it happen!!!

Mark and Antonia


We are forever thankful to Didilia for their endeavors and assistance that led to birth of our daughter. We got the chance we had been dreaming of.

The Bartletts, US


No other services we have gotten before were as life changing as the services we got in Ukraine.

Didilia is a company of highly competent and caring professionals. It was a great pleasure to deal with you, guys.

Deric and Ann


We want to thank Didilia for the job they are doing. It really changes lives of childless families and orphans. Surrogacy program was not emotionally easy for us because of several IVF failures and the fact that we were too emotionally charged in the beginning. Professional involvement of Didilia gave us much of relief and confidence. We had no luck with the first surrogate and we needed another one. We did not have to wait long for Didilia to find her. Their database of egg donors and surrogates met our expectations. Things finally worked out and now we are parents.

Linda and Kenneth 


We could not afford surrogacy in US and we had to search for affordable surrogacy programs abroad. Surrogacy-friendly legislation, standard of medicine and culture also mattered much to us. Therefore Ukraine was No.1 country on our list from the very beginning. After a thorough research we decided to come to Ukraine to become parents. 

Back in 2006 we heard a lot about Mr. Lev Chekhov from numerous adoptive families who had worked with him. All of them spoke very highly of him and his fee policy. But we never decided extend our family through adoption for a variety of reasons. 

During our research we found out that Mr. Chekhov had started surrogacy program in addition to his adoption one. Choice of a country and source of assistance was not a question for us anymore. We had been pretty much prepared by that time and started off almost immediately. Didilia Center run by Mr. Chekhov helped us choose a wonderful surrogate mother with whom we found rapport right away. Unfortunately medical part of the program was a little difficult because of two IVF failures. But all of us had been prepared for that by both Didilia and IVF clinic.

All the rest (non-medical) things went perfect and we are parents through surrogacy now. We  are indebted to Didilia for everything they have done for us and we highly recommend them to any families contemplating surrogacy in Ukraine. 

Paul and Olga


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