Adoption dossier is a set of documents that are to show that applicants comply with requirements of Ukrainian law and can be approved to adopt Ukrainian child/children.


Ukrainian law sets out strict requirements to each dossier document. The Department of Family, and Children (the DFC) is a central adoption authority that is in charge of receiving and checking adoption dossiers.


If noncompliance with any of dossier requirements have been found, the DFC rejects such dossier which will require one to correct all mistakes and re-submit a dossier in order to proceed with adoption from Ukraine.


A process of dossier re-submission will require additional time and money.


Therefore competent assistance in dossier preparation will help you save both time and money.


An adoption dossier consists of the following documents (number of copies and forms of documents are specified separately):


1. Petition to Adopt

2. Home study


3. A copy of agency license that prepared a home study (if home study agency is a nongovernmental one)


4. A copy of social worker’s license (if a social worker has her own license)


5. A letter on social worker’s position with the agency that prepared a home study (optional in some cases)


6. Approval/Permission of an immigration service for adopted child to enter a country. For USA: Letter of approval for adoption from the Department of Homeland Security (Form I-171H)


7. Statement of employment for each prospective parent or tax return


8. A copy of marriage certificate


9. Copies of passports of prospective parents


10. A letter of countrywide criminal clearance for each prospective parents


11. Medical examination report for each prospective parent


12. A copy of physician’s license


13. A letter of obligation


14. A notarized consent to adoption from a spouse of prospective  adoptive parent ( if only one of parents is adopting a child/children)


15. A copy of Warranty Deed or Rental agreement or any other document that officially confirms that prospective adoptive parents own their residence, or rent  it.


16. Power of attorney


17. A Notarized statement (Consent), signed by both parents, authorizing the DFC to request the clearances for them through the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and Interpol


18. A notarized and apostilled letter of consent to processing personal data of applicants.


You can find a set of our dossier preparation services here.

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