• Egg donation can be used in surrogacy and IVF programs in Ukraine.


  • You can enjoy our vast database of egg donors that is being replenished with new candidates on a weekly basis.


Our egg donation services include the following:

  • Legal consultation on egg donation in Ukraine;
  • Egg donor matching (offering up to three egg donors who are complying with or close to clients’ criteria);
  • Medical examination of a chosen donor;
  • Legal assistance in concluding a contract with IVF clinic in Ukraine;
  • Liaising between clients and IVF clinic in Ukraine;
  • Translation and interpreting for all business purposes.


Our egg donor matching service involves thorough matching egg donors available in our egg donor database with criteria of our clients.


You can choose to use available frozen eggs or get fresh eggs from a chosen egg donor in Ukraine. In both cases we provide clients with full information regarding health and look of a donor, her child/ren and predecessors, description of their characters and personal qualities.


Unlike surrogates who just carry children, egg donors relay their genetic information to fetus. Therefore we approach selection and approval of candidates for egg donors with exceptional thoroughness making good health and look of candidates and their children as important criteria as the same of their predecessors. Absence of any criminal records is another mandatory requirement applicable to our egg donors.



If you need more information on egg donation in Ukraine, please, go to our page About egg/sperm/embryo donation.

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