Below are the references on us from some of the families we have helped adopt in Ukraine:

(Emails of other adoptive families and any of the following ones are available upon request)


We adopted our two angels from Ukraine in 2000 and 2003. Both adoption processes were facilitated by Lev Chekhov. We got a knowledgeable, honest and reliable adoption facilitator in the person of Lev. He had prepared us for the process before we came to Ukraine, so we knew what to expect in Ukraine. We got red tape minimized thanks to Lev’s professional skills in both adoption processes we had. Lev arranged for all the necessary things and completed all the paperwork for us in Ukraine. We feel indebted to Lev for making our family complete and happy. It is really hard to overestimate Lev’s role in our life changing adoption.
Forever grateful,

Patrick and Ella Gunter, Mississippi 



child adopted from Ukraine1

Collier at his first ever birthday party, he turned 8 years old. 


My son Collier, is a gift from God.  He has changed my life and the  lives of my family with his smile and exuberance.  Lev Chekhov was our  translator and facilitator.  Actually, he was much more than that.   He was the rock we leaned on during the process.  He knew how to  handle all the people involved in the adoption and the bureaucracy of  the Ukraine.  He took the time to explain the culture and the  process.  I can not thank Lev enough for his patience, compassion and expertise.

Elizabeth Pickvance, MD Louisiana


boy adopted from Ukraine

To Prospective Adoptive Parents:
The hardest aspect of adopting internationally is trusting that the process will go smoothly. When I decided to adopt semi-independently from Ukraine in 2004, I knew a capable facilitator would be vital. A few language tapes will not get you through the red tape and bureaucracy you’ll encounter when dealing with a foreign government. I couldn’t have received a better individual to handle my adoption than Lev Chekov. His command of the English language is excellent, and he has a clear understanding of the intricacies of the adoption process, including local politics, court proceedings and medical evaluations. Ukrainian adoptions are complex and Lev handles all aspects with great efficiency. Lev is the quintessential “renaissance man,” He is well educated, socially conscious, and fully committed to improving the socio-economic condition of his country. Finding stable, loving homes for Ukrainian children is his reason for facilitating adoptions. I have only the utmost respect and admiration for Lev in this endeavor. Lev is a young man with an “old soul.” He is wise beyond his years and will always make the right decision when ethics are at stake. His spirit and determination came in handy during the process when confronted with unforeseen setbacks. Where others stop when told, “no, it’s not possible,” Lev continues forward unfazed. He doggedly pursues every avenue to resolve the problem to his satisfaction. I was truly impressed by this aspect of his personality. You’ll not find a more dedicated facilitator than Lev Chekov. I recommend him highly. 

Connie Wolfe, NY 



 We are Jim & Sheila Todd from North Carolina. We were in Ukraine in June 2005 to adopt our daughter when our translator become very ill and had to return home to Simferopol. Lev Chekhov was working with another family in the same city we were in and had a few days while waiting for their court date and he graciously agreed to work with us through going to court, and getting passport, birth certificate, etc. Lev got us through the toughest part of the adoption of our daughter and his honesty and integrity showed in everything he did for us. We are so glad that Lev come into our lives when he did as he played a major role in making our adoption a success and we are glad to call him a friend even today. Anyone can feel free to contact us at any time for a reference on Lev's adoption work.

Jim & Sheila Todd from North Carolina.



boy adopted in Ukraine

happy boy adopted in Ukraine

Dear Prospective Families:
My name is Melissa Howard and my husband Randy and I have prayed for a family for many years. We tried for many years to have a baby, however, unsuccessful. In 2004 we decided that we were going to adopt, and we chose Ukraine. We chose Ukraine because there was only one trip required to the country. We left in July 2005 to go to Ukraine to make our family dream come true. When we arrived we were kindly greeted by a couple people at the airport, these folks did everything to make our first experience with Ukraine a great one. We met Lev within a couple days of being in the Ukraine. He was awesome to work with. Lev spent time with us, got to know Randy and I personally and really took a vested interest in what was best for us. The one thing that Randy and I really appreciated about Lev, he was always on our side, and was always honest with us, good or bad. Lev worked very hard on our behalf and was always available or just a phone call away. If I was to adopt again, I would want Lev to be my coordinator in Ukraine. He was not only our advocate, but a friend. We are very thankful to him, for our wonderful son. We feel more and more blessed every day. Attached are some pictures of our family. 

Sincerely, Randy, Melissa and Joshua Howard 



happy family adopted in Ukraine

In Feb 2006, my husband Eric and I went to the Ukraine in hopes of adopting two children. We were extremely fortunate to have found a beautiful little girl and boy; however, this would not have been possible without the assistance of Lev Chekhov as our facilitator. Our adoption process was extremely unique not only because our daughter was born in Russia but also because our children were located in two different orphanages that were 3 hours apart. From the very beginning, Lev ensured us that dispite our unique situation that he would do whatever was necessary to make our adoption process flow as smoothly and as quickly as possible. He kept us informed from the start, alleviated any of our concerns and utilized our time wisely so that we would not be delayed in country any longer than was necessary. He was extremely thorough and organized and was with us every step of the way. We never at any time felt that we would be blindsided or taken advantage of by any individual or government agency. Lev was honest and always upfront with us regardless of what the circumstances were. It was very comforting to know that we had such a professional experienced facilitator on our side at a time of great personal stress.
Lev greatly exceeded all our expectations of what we were told a facilitator was required to do for us and went above and beyond what his contract stated. With the huge language barrier that exists in an international adoption, it's easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated but Lev took the time to care not just for the legal aspects of our adoption but for our personal needs as well which was not required of him. He arranged all of our transportation in and around the country. He helped us with money conversions. He assisted us with all of our eating and lodging needs and always gave us options on our price ranges within our budget. He acted as our translator as well from the time we arrived in country until the time we boarded our plane for the United States. He often made suggestions on places to purchase items we needed and most of the time accompanied us to buy them. His job didn't end once we departed Ukraine. Lev was available for any questions we had once we arrived back in the USA and to this day remains a close personal friend of ours. We are forever grateful for the beautiful children we have because of the hard work and perserverance of Lev Chekhov and highly recommend him to anyone considering adopting from Ukraine. If we were to adopt again, our complete trust would be given only to Lev Chekhov. Thank you again Lev for helping us to make our family complete. 

Eric, Kristen, Mariya (Age 4) and Dmitry (Age 3) Ockstadt, Louisiana. 



children adopted from Ukraine

To all prospective adopting parents,

Our adoption experience was a life-altering event that was made possible through the competence of Lev Chekhov.  Any international adoption is an arduous, emotional and complicated process and Lev, acting as our facilitator/translator did a magnificent job, getting us through the adoption.  As professionals, we appreciated his professionalism and keeping us informed, regardless of the situation, of what was transpiring.  Since we adopted two children from separate orphanages, Lev's attention to detail and ability to work with various Inspectors, Directors, the SDA, legal entities and judges made him priceless and an irreplaceable asset in consummating the adoptions.  His fluency in Ukrainian, Russian and English allowed him to competently and skillfully maneuver through a bureaucracy on our behalf, thus reducing the inherit stress we had to endure.  Our successful adoption was a direct result of his effort and abilities.

Therefore, we would highly recommend, without any reservations, Lev Chekhov to anyone comtemplating an Ukrainian adoption.


Kevin & Ginger Carlisle

Sebring, Florida U.S.A.



international adoption from Ukraine

We first met Lev in Ukraine in the middle of our adoption, when our original facilitator had to leave us for a family emergency.  At the time, we were quite concerned and worried, for we were unsure if another facilitator would know enough about our adoption, and the paperwork we had already completed and submitted.  Would he be able to step in and be organized enough at this late date to guide us successfully through the maze of the remaining paperwork?  Lev came to us organized and confident, and fully prepared to take over and facilitate our adoption.  At a time when emotions were running high and we had so many concerns, Lev's professionalism, his attention to detail, and his calming personality reassured us many times over that we would be parents.

Our adoption from Ukraine was quite difficult.  With every setback and delay we encountered (and there were many)--Lev continued to work hard, remain positive, and he made sure we were always focused on the end result of all this work.  Every step of the way during this adoption process, Lev provided guidance and good advice--his recommendations were extremely helpful and on target.  Lev's knowledge of the administrative and legal process is impressive, thorough and complete.  We honestly believe that without “Our” Lev, we would not have our two beautiful children today.  

Our two children ages 6 and 7 years old fell completely in love with him.  Lev is charming and wise beyond his years.  His sensitivity and care were constant.  Lev’s sense of humor got us through some very tough days.  He is a very dedicated and sincere person, and we believe he is someone who will do anything and everything he can for his clients.  Lev was our facilitator during our adoption, but today we also consider Lev our forever friend.  We would recommend Lev highly to any adoptive parent.   

Rick Wroblewski and Chris Potter-Wroblewski

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida



adopt children from Ukraine


International adoption was not an easy process for us; we had never adopted children before, had never been to the Ukraine and were unfamiliar with all the steps and paperwork which were required.  We encountered a number of challenges along the way and we thank God we had Lev Chekhov, our skilled facilitator/translator, to guide us through from beginning to end.
Adopting children overseas was the most life-altering, emotional event my husband and I ever had the privilege to be a part of.  We were ready to deal with the U.S. bureaucracy but were not sure what we would face with the government in Ukraine.  Choosing the right facilitator was a crucial decision–we needed someone who was an expert on how the Ukrainian adoption system worked, knew how to deal with all the different stakeholders, was fluent in both Ukrainian and English languages, and was a person we could trust.  Lev met all these criteria and more.  
Upon meeting him for the first time, we were immediately impressed with Lev’s confidence, his intelligence, and his impeccable language and communication skills.  When we had some idle time in Kiev, before the drive to visit the kids, Lev suggested interesting sight-seeing excursions, organizing transportation and recommending restaurants, which gave us a greater appreciation of the Ukrainian people, history and culture.
Also, while in Kiev we had the pleasure of working with Lev’s lovely mother Elena.  She is a warm, caring person who assists Lev and obviously loves to help bring families together. When we first arrived in Kiev we quickly realized that few Ukrainians spoke fluent English.  Elena personally showed us a nearby grocery store, cash machine, and restaurant, even introducing us to the waitresses –we knew we wouldn’t starve!  Although we were living in a foreign country we became more relaxed knowing there was someone who cared about our well being.
Lev accompanied us to the adoption referral and our first few meetings with the three little ones during the bonding phase.  After that, we would speak daily by mobile phone while he worked the legal process and we spent time getting to know the kids better.  At times we became overwhelmed with emotions, sometimes frustration but mostly joy, and it would be difficult for us to focus.  But there was a lot of work to do and Lev walked us carefully and patiently through every step of the way –and as rapidly as possible.  Lev is honest, straightforward, and trustworthy and has a great gift for handling potentially difficult situations discreetly and with total professionalism.    
Shortly after our first meeting with Andrew, five years old, Victoria, three, and Annalise, two, we knew our search was over.  Our prayers had been answered and we were blessed with three lively, curious, happy, healthy children who we love dearly.  Lev’s patience, perseverance and ability to think quickly and calmly in challenging situations helped lead us to our destiny.  We will be forever grateful and indebted to Lev for bringing us together.
Lev has friends for life in Maryland.

Sincerely, Frank and Tricia Van Syckle


 adoption of Ukrainian child

We cannot say enough good things about Lev.  When you are in Ukraine you will find that even the simple things of life become problematic.  Lev worked constantly to insure that we had assistance in these every-day matters, every day. He was ready to get us a taxi at least 3 times a day, find us affordable and good housing, available to help us in our shopping and translation needs at the very moment  we needed it - anytime we had the need. 
Our situation was problematic from the beginning.  I cannot overstate that.  But Lev was never daunted by the challenge of bringing our daughter into our family.  The roadblocks put in place for this adoption were literally impossible to overcome.  But Lev determined to move ahead with us step by step. 
He is so knowledgeable about how things work in Ukraine and his experience showed.  Beyond this, additional problems arised in our adoption to a level that even Lev had not seen before - again, he managed them step by step.
For us, Lev facillitated the impossible into possible.  He was even kind and personable to make our stay there (2 months) as pleasurable as possible. And I can asure you that when your adoption is complete Lev will give you a very nice linen Ukrainian shirt you will love to wear on special occassions.

Mark and Christa Graham, NC.


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