Toddler / Baby adoption in Ukraine is possible in case of:



In fact it is not easy to adopt a toddler / baby in Ukraine now as baby adoption is rather popular with Ukrainian citizens who enjoy precedence according to the Ukrainian legislation.


Any families wishing to adopt baby in Ukraine are recommended to consider our program of surrogacy in Ukraine:


  • that in total can be from 2 to 3 times cheaper than surrogacy in US.
  • Cost of surrogacy in Ukraine can be pretty close to total cost of toddler/baby adoption
  • Surrogacy in Ukraine takes almost as much time as it takes to complete the whole adoption from A to Z


See more information about surrogacy in Ukraine here


At the same time toddler / baby adoption may be possible if you are open to adopt his/her older sibling(s) who are over 5 years of age and/or when you are open to adopt a special need baby in Ukraine.


Also any families contemplating baby adoption in Ukraine should take into consideration the following facts and risks:


  •  it is rather hard to predict future development of a baby-orphan, especially if the following fact is applicable
  •  pretty often children of younger ages come to orphanages without any medical history which complicates assessment of their state of health and prediction of their future development


Before making a decision regarding age, please, be sure to compare all advantages and disadvantages of baby and older child adoption here

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