International Center for Surrogacy and Adoption “Didilia”  is a team of adoption and surrogacy professionals united on the basis of professing the supremacy of traditional family values.


It is our strong believe that completeness of a family and its being filled with true values are the basic things that make our lives balanced and complete.


Therefore we direct our professional competence and efforts to help both orphaned children and adults wishing to become parents make their dreams come true through surrogacy and adoption.


With our professional practice we have proved the verity of our slogan:
“Your family happiness is inevitable! One way or the other”

Our mission

is to grow as an international company by:

  • expanding and strengthening our professional network and cooperating with experienced surrogacy, IVF, medical tourism and adoption professionals all over the world;
  • employing the most effective techniques of reproductive medicine and synergy of our cooperation with big business dependant on social effects and innovation


  • make high quality adoption and surrogacy services affordable for our clients;
  • make family life a reality for all the orphaned children;
  • advocate for supremacy of family values all over the world.

Our team

Our full team is comprised of numerous adoption, surrogacy and immigration professionals, adoptive parents and parents through surrogacy providing adoption and surrogacy support to families all over the world.
Below is our team that works with prospective adopters and intended parents in Ukraine:

The Head of Didilia

Lev Chekhov

Founder and the Head of the International
Center for Surrogacy and Adoption “Didilia”


Specialist’s degree in English - Russian philology.
Zhytomir State Pedagogical University

Master of Business Administration.
International University of Finance, Kiev

Lev’s first professional experience was in international adoptions back in 1999 when he first started working as a translator/interpreter and continued as adoption facilitator/coordinator. In total Lev has facilitated over 200 international adoptions.

Due to the growing demand for baby adoption among prospective adopters and difficulty of adopting a baby in Ukraine, Lev started the Program of International Surrogacy in Ukraine in 2009.

Now he is in charge of strategic development, international growth of “Didilia” and managing the team of the Center. In addition to his managerial responsibilities, he still facilitates and coordinates adoption and surrogacy cases in Ukraine.


doctorLudmila Konstantinova




Master’s degree in psychology.
Herzen University, Saint-Petersburg

Prenatal psychology.
Family psychology and psychotherapy.
North-Western State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov, Saint-Petersburg


Ludmila is a psychologist of our Center. She is in charge of evaluating readiness of candidates for surrogate mothers and intended parents for our surrogacy program. Ludmila is also a mother of two children through surrogacy. A combination of her professional qualification and experience as an intended mother makes her invaluable member of our team.


surrogacy lawyerIgor Volynets


Surrogacy lawyer


Specialist’s degree in law.
National Academy of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Kiev

Specialist’s Diploma.
School of Medical Lawyers, Kiev.


Igor is an experienced lawyer majoring in medical and family law. His previous professional experience includes working for medical clinics including IVF clinic.

Igor provides complete legal support to our surrogacy program in Ukraine.


Elena Loik


Adoption facilitator/coordinator


Master of Sociology.
Moscow State University


Elena is one of the pioneers among adoption professionals in Ukraine.
She has been facilitating adoptions since 1997. She has facilitated over 270 adoptions since that time.
Now Elena coordinates work of translators and adoption facilitators in Ukraine.


pediatrician Dr. Yuriy Bezdvernyy M.D., Ph.D.,




Kyiv Medical University
advanced courses in pediatrics, cardiology,
therapy, psychology.
Kyiv Medical University


Dr. Yuriy worked as a DMP for US, Canadian, Australian Embassies in Ukraine.

In Didilia Dr. Yuriy is responsible for estimating health condition of children considered for adoption. He has more then 20 years of experience in adoption area and has estimated health conditions of over 300 children who were considered for adoption by families from USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, etc.


administrative manager Yana Dudkova


Administrative manager


Bachelor of sociology;

Master of administrative management;

Kiev Polytechnic University.


Yana is responsible for communicating with and keeping up a database of egg/sperm donors and surrogates, organizing all the paperwork of adoption and surrogacy cases, coordinating appointments and daily activity of the personnel.


Yulia Bezryadina


Adoption lawyer/facilitator


Specialist’s degree in law
Lugansk State University of Internal Affairs


Yulia came to our team after working at Lugansk orphanage where she had worked as lawyer. She got a tremendous experience in legal cases in the field of adoption and custody while working at the orphanage. In total Yulia has facilitated 53 adoptions.

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