• We have facilitated over 500 adoptions since 1999.


  • No family has left Ukraine empty-handed due to our efforts in getting them prepared for adoption


  • We are an international team that is comprised of both adoption professionals and supporting adoptive parents in America, Europe and Asia.


  • We are offering independent adoption with the comfort and advantages of adoption through an agency and help you avoid any agency fee.


  • We have no hidden fees or fees that families may not be aware of. Our contract clearly provides for all the services and fees.


  • We have no fees that you have to pay in advance. With Didilia you pay only for the services that have been actually rendered.


  • We are working both with agencies and independently. This allows you to get the same services independently and at much lower price.


  • We provide full range of services you may need while adopting from Ukraine.


  • And finally we make complicated things as simple and smooth as possible by putting an adoption process in 7 simple steps.

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