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Freedom, Confidence and Comfort


Our adoption service policy is aimed at maximum comfort and confidence of prospective adopters. Our clients can customize our services and their expenses based on their needs and preferences. 
Below is the list of Didilia’s adoption services in Ukraine:
Assistance in dossier preparation:
  • Provision of an itemized list of all the necessary documents that an adoption dossier is to consist of;
  • Advising on all legal requirements of the current Ukrainian laws to each document of an adoption dossier;
  • Informational support throughout the process of a dossier preparation;
  • Full guidance, proof-reading and checking each document of the family’s adoption dossier prior to sending them off to Ukraine.


Basic adoption services in Ukraine:

  • Translation of an adoption dossier;
  • Getting a dossier submission date scheduled by the DFCS;
  • Submission of an adoption dossier to the DFCS;
  • Getting an invitation letter with a travel date from the DFCS;
  • Transportation to/from the airport and for all adoption-related needs in cities of Ukraine;
  • Facilitation of an adoption process in Ukraine (accompanying prospective adoptive families to all the institutions involved in adoption process, negotiating with officials on families’ behalf, getting all the paperwork done, advising families and helping them settle any difficulties/problems that may arise during adoption process in Ukraine, standing by families throughout their adoption process in Ukraine);
  • Translation of all the necessary documents relating to adoption process in Ukraine;
  • Interpreting for all adoption related occasions in Ukraine;
  • Arrangements for accommodations and food in Ukraine
  • All necessary faxes, phone calls and emails that concern the process;
  • Preparing all the necessary documents for a child’s visa;


Other services in Ukraine:

  • Getting documents apostilled;
  • Translating and interpreting for non-business purposes
  • Transportation for non-business purposes
  • Arrangements for leisure (tours of Ukrainian cities, shopping, eco-tourism and any other leisure activities in Ukraine)