Special needs adoption in Ukraine

Facilitation of special needs adoptions in Ukraine is the most important part of our mission. Giving family life and care to those who need them most of all is the primary goal of our team.



  • Along with special fees prospective adopters can enjoy an advantage of Ukrainian legislation that provides for procedural privileges such as accepting adoption dossiers out of turn and expedited processing of documents by the DFC for each case of adoption of a child/ren with any of the diseases included in the list.


  • Adoption of children with special conditions other than those included in the list may be a subject to our special fee policy as well.


You can learn about the opportunity of getting a special fee here.


Down syndrome adoption in Ukraine

Adoption of children with Down syndrome is a part of our mission. There are no specialized orphanages meant for children with Down syndrome in Ukraine. Adoption of children with Down syndrome is not popular with Ukrainian families and therefore those families wishing to adopt children with Down syndrome can find Ukraine a perfect country for such adoptions


 AIDS/HIV adoption in Ukraine 
Adoption of children with cerebral palsy in Ukraine

The abovementioned is also applicable to HIV positive children in Ukraine. In spite of the fact that the list of diseases does not include all the codes of HIV, our special fee policy is applicable to adoption of any children with any (degree) code of HIV.

The same concerns adoption of children with cerebral palsy and some other diseases.


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