Nowaday IVF clinics in Ukraine are ones of the most successful and affordable clinics in the world. Below are the factors that make Ukrainian IVF clinics so successful:


  • Knowledge base and experience

- History of IVF development in Ukraine goes back to times of former USSR when the first steps were made by soviet scientists back in 1930s that led to birth of a girl in Moscow and a boy in Leningrad in 1986. Later in 1991 a girl was born in Kharkov, Ukraine;

- Today all Ukrainian leading IVF specialists are members of European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) which allows them to exchange their experience with their colleagues from other countries and introduce/utilize the best IVF practice in Ukraine;


  • Contemporary medical equipment of IVF clinics in Ukraine

All the leading Ukrainian IVF clinics have modern medical equipment that complies with the highest European standards. This provides high quality and precision of any medical procedures carried out by these clinics;


  • European and American standards of services

Overwhelming majority of IVF clinics are private in Ukraine. Most of them do care about their good name and profess either European or American standards of services.


  • Unrestrained development of IVF due to favorable legislation

IVF has always enjoyed favorable legal environment and an opportunity to develop freely in Ukraine due to absence of restrictions on the part of Ukrainian legislation. There are 28 IVF clinics in Ukraine today which creates an environment of healthy competition and ongoing perfection of IVF services. One can hardly find many other countries that offer such favorable climate for IVF development.