Cost of our adoption services in Ukraine

Dear prospective adopters, based on your comfort and needs, please, fill out and submit the following form. We will get back to you with detailed information on total cost and terms of payment of chosen services. 

Please, indicate your phone number including country code 

Please, note that our special fee policy is applicable in cases of: 

  • special needs adoption
  • older child adoption (adoption of a child/ren up to 12 years and older)
  • adoption of a sibling group of over 3 children

(with 16 months being the youngest and 18 years being the oldest) 

When making a decision regarding the following services/expenses, you can avail yourself of our recommendations proved by our 15-year experience that will substantially help you save money in Ukraine.

Items recommended to be included in our total fee are marked in blue

Items NOT recommended to be included are marked in red

Items inclusion of which can be left at your discretion are marked in green 

1. Choose a set of services you need to adopt from Ukraine:

2. Choose expenses you want to be included in our total fee.

Please, note that total of some of the following expenses chiefly depends on factors like duration of your adoption process in Ukraine, region of adoption and variety of other factors.

When you choose any of the following expenses to be included in our fee, we include an average of chosen expenses in our total fee.This gives you comfort and confidence guaranteeing you against any additional expenses on chosen items regardless of any circumstances of your adoption process in Ukraine.

You can choose our total fee not to include any of the following expenses which will enable you to keep a control of your expenses in Ukraine while making your total expenses be dependent on duration, region and other circumstances of your adoption process in Ukraine.