• Surrogates and donors included in our database are not just healthy candidatures with good fertility history. Besides these qualities we choose only those who are motivated to help and are committed to our Program.


Our program of surrogacy in Ukraine includes the following services:


Pre-pregnancy surrogacy services

Here we do the following:

  • Provide clients with legal consultation in Ukraine;
  • Offer families candidatures of surrogate mothers. We offer up to three suitable candidatures who are in good health, have a good reproductive history and healthy children, ready to become a surrogate and have no criminal records;
  • Arrange for meeting with a chosen candidate for surrogate mother;
  • Discover all necessary medical information on surrogate for clients;
  • Produce a medical screening of a candidate;
  • Our psychologist evaluates moral and psychological readiness of a chosen candidate for surrogacy;
  • We obtain information on criminal history of a chosen candidate and her background;
  • Drafting a contract between clients and surrogate mother based on Ukrainian legislation;
  • Getting a notarized consent of a husband (if there is any) of a chosen candidate for surrogate mother,
  • Provide families with info on Ukrainian clinics for ivf and other medical procedures;
  • Drafting a contract between clinic, clients and surrogate mother;
  • protecting rights and interests of clients in Ukraine;
  • Translation and interpreting for all business purposes;
  • Arrangements for lodging and transportation in Ukraine



Pregnancy supervision services:

This set of services is a subject to customization which allows intended parents to choose any services they may deem necessary for their case.

  • Finding a lodging for a surrogate;
  • Providing a surrogate with a transportation and housekeeping services;
  • Attendance of a surrogate to ensure that she observes recommended medical regimen and contract terms;
  • Accompanying surrogate to medical facilities, shops, restaurants etc.;
  • Preparation of video and text reports about wellbeing of a surrogate;
  • Liaising between intended parents and a surrogate;
  • Liaising between intended parents and IVF clinic;
  • Making all necessary arrangements for a childbirth;
  • Translation and interpreting.


  • Pregnancy supervision is not limited to the abovementioned services. We can include any other services you may need to ensure your comfort and confidence.


Post-birth surrogacy services in Ukraine:

  • Getting all necessary documents from maternity hospital and IVF clinic in Ukraine;
  • Getting a notarized consent of a surrogate to registering intended parents as parents of a child(ren) at a vital registry office;
  • Getting a birth certificate(s) for a child(ren) indicating intended parents as parents of a child(ren) ;
  • Making all necessary arrangements for DNA test;
  • Getting documents translated and apsotilled;
  • Preparing all necessary documents for an Embassy/Consulate for a child(ren)’s departure from Ukraine.