How much does it cost to adopt from Ukraine?


Those families who have made a research of this matter must have learned that total adoption costs of those who adopted from Ukraine ranged from 16000$ to 50000$ depending on multiple factors like country of residence of adoptive family, agency or independent adoption, duration and region of adoption in Ukraine, number of adopted children etc.


Indeed, cost of adoption in Ukraine can vary based on your choice: agency or independent adoption.

Adoption agencies’ fees just like independent facilitators’ fees also vary.


Service policy of adoption agencies greatly vary as well. Some of them charge a reasonable fee just for completion of a home study without obliging you to use any other services of theirs while others impose the whole set of services on families making them use their costly adoption facilitators in Ukraine.

Those families who are choosing to adopt through an agency can compare agencies’ fees and their service policy in the country of their residence.


Adoption expenses in Ukraine consist of the following expense items. Though all of them or some of them may be integrated into an agency or facilitation fee, the following table can give you a notion of a structure of the main expenses in Ukraine:


  1. Translation
  2. Facilitation
  3. Procedural expenses
  4. Transportation
  5. Accommodation
  6. Food
  7. Donation
  8. Medical examination
  9. Visa


A total of these expenses in Ukraine can range from 14000$ to 30000$ depending on the abovementioned factors and also cost of services of your adoption facilitator in Ukraine, his/her care for your expenses.

It is our philosophy that such noble act as adoption especially adoption of older and special need children should be as affordable as possible.


And here is what we do to keep your adoption expenses down:


  • give you the most reasonable fees for professional and competent adoption assistance in Ukraine;
  • give you special fees for adoption of older and special-needs children;
  • offer you a great deal of flexibility and comfort in adoption services in Ukraine where you can choose what you need so that you do not have to overpay for anything in Ukraine;
  • constantly care to find the best priced options for you in Ukraine.


Learn more about why families are choosing us and our adoption services in Ukraine

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