We put Ukraine adoption process in 7 simple steps making complicated things simple and clear


Getting Ukraine adoption dossier ready

1. Getting Ukraine adoption dossier ready
(from 4 to more months depending on a country of residence)

The first step of your adoption process starts in the country of your residence where you will need to prepare a set of documents for adoption (adoption dossier) strictly complying with all the requirements of Ukrainian legislation to each document of the dossier.

It is quite an important part of the process that requires a good knowledge of Ukrainian legislation and attention to every detail of each document. If an adoption dossier has been prepared and/or translated incorrectly even in petty details it may not be accepted or may be disapproved by the DFC. You can learn more about adoption dossier here and dossier preparation services here.

 dossier submission to the DFCS

2. Dossier submission to the DFC
( a month for a dossier to be checked )

After your adoption dossier has been completed, it is sent to Ukraine to be submitted to and thoroughly checked by the Department of Family and Children (the DFC), Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine. Dossier documents must have at least 6-month validity reserve by a day of dossier submission. It takes the DFC a month to check a dossier. If no mistakes have been found the DFC approves your dossier and schedules an interview issuing an invitation letter. It may take from a month and a half to two months and a half from a date of your dossier approval till a date of an interview which depends on how much the DFC is busy with applicants at a time of your dossier approval.


Arrival in Ukraine to adopt a child/children

3. Arrival in Ukraine to choose a child/children
(in about 2 months after dossier approval)

Both prospective adoptive parents are supposed to show up for the interview with the DFC. An interview is an official occasion when you come to the DFC to choose a child/ren by their profiles. An authorized officer of the DFC will show you profiles of children who match your adoption criteria as much as possible. Prospective adopters can ask a DFC officer to show them profiles of other children within adoption criteria indicated in their home study. After identifying profiles, you are getting a referral to meet with chosen children next day after the interview.

Those families who have failed to choose any children during their first interview can apply for the second one. In total prospective adoptive families can have not more than 3 interviews with the DFC. Dossier documents must have at least a month validity reserve by a date of the interview. Since the database of children of the DFC is being replenished with new kids on daily basis, each new day can make a big difference in availability of children.

After a referral has been obtained, you can set out for a place where a child/ren you have chosen are staying to meet them and establish connection with them.

Meeting a child

4. Meeting a child
(about 2 – 3 weeks)

Meeting chosen children takes place on the premises of an orphanage where they are staying. Families have right to spend time with children, learn comprehensive information regarding their state of health, behavior, studying at school to be able to make a decision. Also in case if a family needs to expose child/ren to extra medical examination, they have right to do that. If a family fails to establish connection with chosen child/ren for any reason, they can come back to the DFC to apply for the second interview.

As soon as you make a decision to adopt a child/ren, your adoption facilitator will start the process of preparing all the paperwork for getting multiple papers from local authorities, the DFC to collect all the necessary papers for court session.

 court decision

5. Court decision 
(about 2 weeks)

As soon as all the paperwork has been completed for court, your court session date is scheduled.

Both of prospective adoptive parents must be present at court. Your adoption facilitator will help you get prepared for a court session letting you know what you can expect of it and giving you proper instructions before court. If all the papers have been prepared correctly and there are no legal obstructions/impediments to adoption, an adoption is granted.

There is a mandatory 10-day waiting period after court upon expiration of which a court degree comes into effect, if a court decree has not been appealed during this term.

You can choose to stay in Ukraine or leave home for this period of time if necessary.

 Getting visa for adopted child

6. Getting visa for adopted child
(around 2 weeks)

After a court decree has come into effect, both or either adoptive parent can finalize the process of adoption in Ukraine. During this period of time your adoption facilitator will work on getting a new birth certificate/s for adopted child/ren issued that will indicate your names in lines “father” and “mother” of adopted child/ren, getting travel documents issued, getting physical examination of children completed (if necessary for visa) and will prepare all the rest documents necessary for visa application.

Taking adopted child home 

7. Taking adopted child home
(a day)

After you have received visa/s for adopted child/ren, your adoption facilitator will make all the necessary arrangements to see you off at the airport.

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