In addition to adoption facilitation, we organize hosting program for Ukrainian orphans abroad.
Hosting programs take place abroad where local volunteer families host Ukrainian orphans during winter and summer holidays.
Such programs are sponsored by hosting families and/or other entities if such are found.

Children chosen for hosting program:
Legal status: orphans and children deprived of parental care.
Age: from 7 years of age and older.
Number of children: A group of 10 children with 2 adult attendants makes a minimal group.

 What is a hosting program to Ukrainian orphans?

Hosting program is a means for Ukrainian orphans to:
  • learn about other countries and cultures
  • get experience of living in families
  • learn foreign languages
  • improve their health conditions if hosting programs are supplemented with health-improving activities/therapy abroad


What is a hosting program to foreign families?

It is an opportunity for any family considering adopting a child to:
  • get a precious experience of living with an orphan/s prior to adoption
  • get prepared as prospective adopters
  • it makes things more predictable and gives more confidence in success of future adoption

Children from orphanages and homes of family type can be included in hosting program. You can get more information on homes of family type in Ukraine and possibility to adopt children staying in Ukrainian homes of family type here.

Hosting program for foreign families in Ukraine.

As an alternative to hosting program abroad, we also organize hosting programs for foreign families in Ukraine.

This is a great opportunity for foreign families to:
  • come to Ukraine and spend time with Ukrainian orphans in picturesque places of Ukraine
  • take tours of the most beautiful Ukrainian cities and places
  • get involved in captivating winter and summer activities with orphans in Ukraine

For any information about hosting programs, please, contact us.

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