People looking to have children through IVF or surrogacy choose us first of all for


  • Our experience

We have been helping families solve problem of childlessness since 1999. Our team exceptionally consists of experienced surrogacy and adoption professionals and some of us have gone through international adoption and surrogacy in Ukraine as one-time adoptive and intended parents. Our solid education and profound experience help us reap that wonderful result of our work.


  • The way we do our job and see the sense of what we do for people

As one-time intended parents we approach our clients’ needs wearing their shoes. As surrogacy professionals we realize our clients’ long craved dreams in the most optimal way suiting their individual needs

You can learn more about us.


  • We offer the most competitive fees combined with the comfort of the most solid and reliable services on the market

Our fee policy ensues from our philosophy and strong beliefs.

We combine affordability of our services with superb quality that derives from our professional and personal background and experience.


  • We firmly protect rights and interests of our clients and dispassionately help them choose IVF clinics/surrogates/donors that can suit their needs in the best way in Ukraine.

Unlike the majority of other surrogacy facilitators, we are not allied with any of the Ukrainian IVF clinics that helps us stay unbiased and effective in guiding our clients in the Ukrainian market of medical services. For our clients it means: best services for the best fees in Ukraine and firm protection of their rights and interests in Ukraine.


  • Quality is above quantity

Unlike many other agencies we never take on too many clients and look for quality rather than quantity.


  • We make complicated things as simple and smooth as possible by putting the program of IVF and surrogacy in Ukraine in 7 simple steps

You can learn about 7 simple steps of surrogacy in Ukraine here


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