• Ukraine is a perfect country for older-child adoption.


  • Those families who are open to adopt children up to 12 years of age and older, can choose Ukraine as a country for international adoption without any hesitations.


  • Being ready to adopt children up to 9 years of age, also gives good chances of success especially when a family is open to adopt a sibling group.


  • Didilia offers a special fee to any families open to adopt a child/children up to 12 years of age or older from Ukraine.


You can learn about your special fee here.


Older child adoption in Ukraine
Toddler / baby adoption in Ukraine


There is the whole host of the pros and cons regarding these two adoptions and probably most of the beginners consider that baby adoption has far more advantages compared to older-child adoption…… which might be right …. or wrong…..


We can infer that it is a matter of subjective choice and what can work well for one may not do so for others. And the most important thing here is to get as much info as possible to be able to make a right choice.


Here we would like to point out the most crucial facts of Ukraine adoption reality and share positive experience of families who adopted older children from Ukraine that may change a usual notion of older-child adoption:


  • It happens often that children get to orphanages with no or insufficient information on their medical history and background. In case of older-child adoption, it is easier to estimate and foresee health development of a child and his/her heredity than to do the same when adopting a baby in Ukraine.


  • Overwhelming majority of orphans are delayed in physical and psychical aspect compared to normal family children. Unlike family children orphans lack individual attention and care just like their orphanage food lacks vitamins and nutrients that are necessary for normal development. So even physically most of the orphans look younger than their peers from families.


  • Older children from orphanages start blooming and catch up with their peers from families very fast after they get to a family environment offering love, care and attention.


  • Older children can learn a foreign language faster if they have been learning it at school which makes a process of adaptation to a new life in a foreign country faster and smoother.


  • All the orphans dream of living in families. But unfortunately older-child adoption is less popular with Ukrainian citizens than baby adoption. Most of adopted older children remember hardship and privation and consciously understand the act of adoption and what their adoptive parents have done for them which makes them forever appreciative and helpful children.


On the other hand one can cite factors of risk associated with older child adoption just like it may be easy for you to cite examples of caring and safe families struggling with their troublesome biological children.


So it is all about your personal attitude and vision, readiness and desire to help and parent those kids who have less chance of feeling parental care in their lives.


And finally we can conclude that in spite of the fact that some of the families we have worked with who adopted older children from Ukraine experienced problems with them at different stages of their adaptation period, overwhelming majority of our families can share their positive experience with older children adopted in Ukraine


You can learn about our special fees for older-child adoption services.

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